Geeks like swag

How much do geeks like swag?

So much so that used a “bag of swag” as an incentive for visitors to engage in discussion on their site.

Gamespot uses promotional items to build engagement

Gamespot is website of video game news, reviews, previews, trailers, etc. and E3 is the big annual trade show for the video game industry. finds a winning strategy, using promotional items to build engagement


These gamers figured out a winning strategy.  Who won?

  • Gamespot got new members and built engagement and loyalty
  • companies whose swag was included got promotion and brand awareness
  • the tradeshow enticed people to attend future shows
  • the industry benefited from the excitement created at the tradeshow being sustained

Are you are recruiting, recognizing or marketing to techie types?
Level up, find new weapons (unique promo items) and win the game!